24 ICE

We developed a beautiful tailor-made product for our customer, 24ice.com. The frozen cocktails of 24ice.com have a unique design. The stick pack, as a packaging form, was designed and manufactured wholly in accordance with the wishes of the customer.

DaklaPack also took care of filling and packaging the stick packs.

Adventure Food

In cooperation with a leading manufacturer of instant food products, DaklaPack has developed a stand-up pouch for the world of outdoor sport and survival activities. The stand-up pouch can be filled with previously dried fresh food. The adventurer can prepare his or her meal in this stand-up pouch by simply adding water. The stand-up pouch is geared towards the special area of ‘Adventure Food’.

The Adventurefood company specializes in instant meals for the outdoor and adventure sector. DaklaPack produced a special pouch for this. The pouch is used to prepare meals in it, which are then immediately consumed. Some of the meals are prepared with boiling water. Due to its special composition, this pouch is able to handle boiling water. The stand-up pouches are available in one and two-person portions.

Health World Club

Roots has been successful in developing a unique and healthy muesli for one of its customers. One special requirement was to create an attractive and striking portion package.

One of the strong points of DaklaPack is its ability, where possible, to support and unburden the customer. In cooperation with the customer, DaklaPack has helped translate these wishes into a beautiful and unique package, which was then also produced by DaklaPack. DaklaPack also took care of the filling process and repackaging.

For the customer, it was important to have the products ready and available quickly. DaklaPack succeeded in realising the full project within only four weeks after approval of the design drawing.

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