Terms and Conditions

What information do we collect?
Thepouchcompany.us collects just the company data which you enter upon purchasing a product in the webshop, or when you fill out a form. The data is used to fulfill your order and to send you an invoice should you select that payment option.

What will happen with the data?
The data you entered will not be sold or given to third parties. You will only receive a newsletter from thepouchcompany.us if you explicitly sign up.

Cookies and Privacy
thepouchcompany.us uses cookies to keep track of your preferences during your visit to our site. These cookies are stored on your own computer and not kept by thepouchcompany.us.

What do cookies do?
Using cookies helps us keep track of your shopping trolley and its contents. We can keep track of your product preferences and customize our offerings to your personal taste. thepouchcompany.us also tracks the ads you clicked on Google in order to manage our advertising on Google’s search engine.

Can I block those cookies?
Yes. You can. Depending on the browser you are using there are ways of switching cookies off. You can find how to do so by querying on google on your browser name plus “blocking cookies”.

Do you have question?
Please give us a call: (201) 6306480 or mail to info@thepouchcompany.us

Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions